YOU deserve to be heard. The world needs the real YOU. It's why YOU are here.

 A community-empowered program that initiates and inspires teens helping teens.

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Starting up the TEENS RISE ABOVE Program in your School Community is easy!

EVERY TEENAGER in the nation should know about TEENS RISE ABOVE, and it's SO EASY to start the program in your area!  Simple presentations of the videos included on this site can be shown to all high school and middle school students and staff, but it can be very thorough and effective if all members of the community get involved.  Here's all you have to do:
  1. Choose the local teen assistance program that will benefit from the TEENS RISE ABOVE Program.  If you don't have one, determine the greatest need for the community and create a program.  See what other schools are doing!
  2. Watch the videos and review the information on and contact us with any questions!
  3. Complete the School Setup Form so that we can add your School Community to our website and provide required site and phone information for the back of your Student IDs.
  4. Get the word out to your community (especially businesses), give them the website and information, and ask for their support.  Individuals may want to help, too, so tell everyone about it!  (Press Releases, Newsletters, School Websites, Mailings, etc.)  You know best how to reach your community.  
  5. As we receive Gold and Silver Sponsor forms for your School Community, we will update your School Page and forward any donations received to your local program and Teen Line.
  6. Optional, but recommended:  Ask a local printer to print and donate the Teens Rise Above business card.  We can provide the content of the card, which is two-sided, and contains the website and phone information, along with a message about listening to the "Real You."  There is a place for the printer to add a message that reads, "Printing courtesy of ABC Printing" so they get full credit for their support of the program.
  7. Print the required site and phone information on the back of the Student IDs (if Fall Registration is missed, print on stickers and them to the Student IDs).
  8. Decide how you'll get Teen Line Hotline (310-855-4673) into students' phones.  Recommended: Use a contact name of Help 8-12pm.   A table at Fall Registration is probably easiest, where you can also provide full information and perhaps a business card (donated by a local printer) and/or promotional items that Sponsors donate. Encourage the community to offer students discounts or special items when they show they have the Teen Line Hotline in their cell phone.
  9. Present the Introduction Video on this website to the entire student body in your high schools and middle schools.  It begins with a quick segment on self-worth and decision making and then explains the TEENS RISE ABOVE Program.
  10. Continue to promote to the community and monitor stats for success!
  11. Repeat steps every year to make sure every middle and high school student has the TEENS RISE ABOVE information, build the local teen program, and continue asking the community for their support.