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 A community-empowered program that initiates and inspires teens helping teens.

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School Community of LODI, Wisconsin


Month and Year TEENS RISE ABOVE was started:  XX of 2012

(Presented via...School Presentation, Health Class, Fall Registration, etc.)


Number of Teen Incidents before TEENS RISE ABOVE:  XXX


Number of Teen Incidents in School Year of 2012-13:  XXX


Number of Calls to TeenLine from 608 area code in last year:  XXX


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COMMUNITY MEMBERS SUPPORTING both TeenLine & the Local Teen Program this year:


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GOLD SPONSORS  (Donations of $1,010 or more)


Dr. Jane Doe, Family Therapist


XYZ Printing - Proud donators of the TEENS RISE ABOVE cards



SILVER SPONSORS (Donations of $444 or more) 


John Doe Family - In loving memory of our son, Michael


Pizza Place - Stop in for your free keychain!